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I hate seeing slides go by the wayside. But when I think about it, with no more Kodachrome, the purpose of color is gone. Kodachrome never faded. All the E4 and E6, all the C22 and C41 just all fades away. Black and White doesn't, so all we really have anymore is BW, practically speaking. Otherwise, a 35mm and Kodachrome is the best answer for color. I hate the computer.
Huh. I have C-41 negatives from the 80's that are fine, and some negatives my dad made in the 60's which are fine too. No evidence of fading yet. Lots of cheapo prints have faded or gotten weird colors but using a good lab, as I tried to do when I could afford it, seems to be paying off in negative longevity. I know 30 years isn't Kodachrome time and I know everything will fade eventually. So far so good. My eldest E6 slides also 30 years old are in good shape too.