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Thank you, Mark. I did a search and looks like HC-110 is indeed great for low fog. Unfortunately I don't think I can spring for another dev right now. So, let me restate the question.

I want to develop a very old reel of Kodacolor X thats badly fogged (did clip test). Does anyone know of any modifications that can be made with either D76 or rodinal, using sulfite, benzotriazole, dilution time or temperture that can help remedy severe fog?

Thank you
Someone else may have some suggestions, so I'll butt out after this, but a bottle of HC110 is pretty cheap. Someone can probably give you an old bottle that is laying around; I would if you were near here. An old bottle of dark brown HC110 will probably still work fine, and since you have to find your times anyway a slight loss of activity wouldn't make any difference.

Maybe you just enjoy experimenting, but I don't see trying to re-invent the wheel.