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Your Acros curves are consistent with the repeated testing I've done with that film in a variety of developers. Finally someone has confirmed my results!!!
You did your tests "a few years back", so surely Fuji would have discovered this by now. Perhaps it has a small enough effect on most people that they haven't bothered to fix it.

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Looks like Fuji is having trouble blending emulsions too. That is the usual result from a minor mismatch in either speed or contrast. PE
Interesting. In my ignorance of film-design, I'll speculate that Fuji's low speed emulsion in Acros needs to be a little faster and less contrasty. Am I close?
Kodak's TMY2 is more worrisome. Here are curves from batches 0166 and 0167:


All were developed in D316 for 12 minutes. The green line is batch 0166 -- it's so straight that it's almost ideal. The red line is batch 0167 with old fixer, which has an obvious break. What bothers me is the black line, which is batch 0167 with new fixer: It is sagging with its inflection at the same point as the red line. That tells me the emulsion issue is still there.

That would mean there are *two* problems:
  1. Poor blending of emulsions.
  2. Old fixer that messed up the magenta dye and made the neg thin for some reason. It occurred to me that each time I fix, the fixer pours out magenta, and I'm therefore putting magenta chemicals into the fixer for each roll. So I'm not surprised that after a while, chemical-buildup in the fixer affected the film.

BTW, my tests of batch 0167 shows that a pre-wash increases density, as was true of batch 0166. I have no clue why.

Mark Overton