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You know what Oprah says about driving and "texting" ......
Well I'm a "Precision Driver" in that I'm a highly trained and skilled driver and I work in the movie industry with stunt guys, I'm the guy they have driving behind the actor while he's running down the street and they trust me not to run him over and to do it the same way 40-100 times because the actor just didn't run the way the director wanted... Lol

Anyway, point is (though its no excuse for bad habits) I'm a much better driver than most and even while texting probably am more observant than many drivers..

That said I do not encourage this behavior, I also know that there are times when my mind is tired and I'm not as aware or able to split my focus safely and I do put the phone down. I don't want to end up being in a commercial "this is the text I was sending when I got into my accident" quote "you won't need clothes for the photoshoot just make sure you bring..."


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