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Wait why not use Tmax dev??
Aside from not being recommended by Kodak, no reason at all. As others have posted, try it. It may be just fine for you. Me, I just don't use TMax developer. When I was starting out I used all kinds of different developers, and I can to the conclusion that I could get by with just a few. I've been using D-76, premixed A-B Pyro from Photographer's Formulary, Xtol, and Ilfosol-S. Acutally, that's probably too many developers. But usually I use Pyro or Xtol.

(Note to OP: don't start with Pyro. You need to handle it with gloves, as it's noted for having bad reactions with human skin. Other developers have less-problematic chemicals, and there are some non-Metol developers if you have sensitivities.)

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This may be heresy, but I think it's worth pointing out that in large format, lens quality is *much* less critical than it is in the 35mm world from which the OP is coming, ...
+1. Just do some test shots, and see where the sweet spot for your lens happens to be. After I aligned my Super Graphic, I found that the 135mm Wollensak Optar lens gave me bicycle spokes two blocks away.