Hi folks. Profuse apologies for the delay in getting this one going.
As a meek excuse: the festive season has been absolutely hectic and I've had very little sleep in the last week or so.

It's always a bit of a stretch with me to come up with a theme for our usual assignments.
Mostly because the folks in the Northern hemisphere are in a season that is completely opposite ours.

All sunny and warm here, while it's freezing cold for the Northerners. Makes it hard to pick a subject that is not affected by the "climate change"!
(sorry, couldn't stop myself!)

Anyways, here goes: "Unusual Shapes".

It should be ideal for the B&W aficionados, as well as leaving it wide open for the colour heads(!).
And the subjects can be found outdoors, indoors. Or just about anywhere!

So, go for it folks! Surprise us all with your "eye" for the unusual, weird object, shade, contour or silhouette.

That sort of thing. Make it really unusual: don't just grab the first "S" you see - go for a full word!

Can the forum owner please make it sticky for the period? I've got no clue how to do it.

I'll be posting a couple to get everyone in the mood and then will sit back and watch the proceedings!