Just stumbled upon these cameras whilst researching large format. Was toying with the idea of moving up to 4x5 from my 6x6 Bronica kit and then i saw these. Perfect for me i think - up to 6x9 and some movement available in camera. after thinking about 4x5 i dont think ill go for it; my enlarger only does up to 6x9 so id have to get a new one and im just not keen for that at the moment. The Horseman seems like a natural step up from m Bronica and ive been after a folding bellows type camera for a while.

can anyone recommend which model to get and any tip on what to look out for lens-wise/accessories-wise? i would prefer a glass back if these cameras come with them but i dont know much about them. anyone who owns one on here who can offer advice/tips on buying?