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I would like to see an example on a different film.

To me it just looks like you don't have enough light in the right spots but I wouldn't blame the film, I would say you should have given a SLIGHT diffusion, that the light is hitting her face "too fast" or the lamp is too close. I've never had an issue like that one, I see what you mean but I would blame the lighting first, it's not terrible but I feel like her skin is super dark and doesn't match what her complexion should be. This happens to me a a combination of if the light source is too close to the subject and the WS is too high. What brand of head/pack do you use? And what reflector did you have on?


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Hi Stone,
LOL reading your 'last words' sms above.

I used an octabox without the white cover, so it's higher contrast than an umbrella but less than a small open reflector. The umbrella would have been better I agree.
Normally I wouldn't understand what you mean with the light source being to close since light gets harder the further you place it away. But in this case the light of the bowens head was open and I am not sure if the inside of the octabox had enough angle to get the diffused light on the model. It worked nice for the dark ceiling that still has enough detail.

One question remains: does PanF have a slightly higher contrast that the average ASA 100 b&w negative?