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I just got back from the lab a roll of Provia 100F. I am continually amazed at the level of color in this film, although the skin tones sometimes seem too saturated. Still, it is a very impressive film and can be viewed by eye a bit as I am shooting 6 x 4.5. The slides are so impressive that I am tempted to shoot an even larger format, possibly 6 x 7. But I'm wondering how most people use slides that they make. Projecting is not very common is it? Are slides enjoyable just looking on a light table? Do you also use a loupe? Do you find (insert the word that dare not be used here)-ing them to be satisfactory?

I am tempted to shoot more Provia film, but at the end of the day, it seems that I am confused at how best to use them. The computer screen perhaps is not my answer even though that is the easiest.

Sorry for rambling on.....
I too use slide film, although not as much as I would like to - it is getting too expensive. Yes I project them, why not that is what they were designed for isn't it. The main reason I like slides is the sharpness, far better than ANY projected digital image I have ever seen. Nor are they as well saturated either. I know you can increase the saturation with digital but that then seems very artificial. There is also a challenge of getting them right which with digital images that has gone and so has my interest. Besides a digital projector and a decent laptop cost far more than a half decent projector.