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I don't think he meant that. The lack of a perservite in the fixer is the problem.
I must have made myself even less clear than usual

You're right, Robert.

Since Sulfite, as well as acidity, reduces the stain from pyro/pyrocat developers, it seems like a good idea to me to reduce their (fixer additives, not staining developers) use.

This whole thread started with my discovering a recommendation to use acidic fix (sodium bisulfite) to remove the ugly stain on negatives developed in some developers, notably pyrogallol.

It looks as if we now mostly agree that this might well be the case?
So: Since I want to preserve the stain, I will drop both acidity and sulfite.

Since one of the primary reasons for using a stop bath is to preserve the acidity of the fixer, that goes out the window too. Unless I need to stop development immediately, of course. Which I mosty don't...