That's a good point, and Tilt/Shift lenses are on my list, but I would be purchasing Canon's versions

The FM2n threw an interesting wrench into the mix as I kind of like the battery independence aspect of it and 1/4000 shutter speed would be sufficient enough. I also keep hearing that its darn near indestructible, I like that too.

As I mentioned though, I don't think the size / weight of the F4 with the smaller MB-20 grip would be an issue, I'm 6'3" and I've got reasonably large hands, I'm also fairly accustomed to large & heavy cameras. Not that I prefer that, I'm just used to it.

When I had my 1n and 1V I had all of the grip options for them, but I found I definitely preferred the smallest battery grip as the other options just added too much weight. Are the dimensions of the F4 similar to the 1N or 1V?

I guess at this point it's between the F4 and the FM2n, I would need to find a K or P screen for the f4 most likely and the FM2 would just work.

Hmmm, decisions, decisions..