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.......Anyone with an older F-1/F-1n want to try this, just so I know I'm not going insane when I remember that as being a case where the camera would no longer wind until you removed the lens and got things put right again? I definitely remember thinking that red dot needed to be larger to warn you more! The classic scenario is unmounting a lens when you have the DOF preview lever engaged... you can't then mount another lens until you've unengaged it first.
I have my original F-1 right besides me. With the DOF preview engaged, I have no problem mounting or un-mounting an FD lens. I can also advance the film, press the shutter button, and fire the shutter. The camera works 100% as normal with the exception that the lens will be always wide-open, since the aperture engagement lever is set in the stop-down location.

Jim B.