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Color printing is hard and you really need a color analyser to get good results. Then there is the need for a dichroic enlarger head or silters, etc. Color paper is expensive and unlike BW paper it does go bad. I tried it for awhile and decided it was too much hassle and too expensive. One has to be very determined to print color.
I respectfully disagree. The color paper is half the cost of BW rc paper and dirt cheap compared to fiber. Kodak's color chemistry lasts forever after it is mixed and is reasonably cheap when you buy it in bigger volume. This makes for low cost experimentation. I find I enjoy color printing much more because of the lower cost, so I can experiment much more without worrying of paper/chemistry wastage. Yes you should have a dichroic enlarger for easier filtering. But I find color analyzer unnecessary. I do have it, but rarely use it. Color is all in the mindset. Just find the quickest possible way to process test strips, and remember that color paper is cheap. Most important to have fun with it. Yes, color paper goes bad, so the solution is to use more of it so you can go through it quicker