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Hahaha logically that makes sense, but I don't really have the budget to pull that one off (still saving up for my next Hasselblad lens as well )

Edit: Bradley, what did you find ergonomically awkward about the camera?Would it be remedied by me having larger hands? I am not a fan of uncomfortable cameras, but that's the first I'd really read about the F4 being uncomfortable.
Well my take on all our comments is that the size seems not a major concern to you then get the F4. Buy at a good price and likely you can sell at little if any loss if you do not like it and get a nice FM2n.

I talk like I'll sell my FM2 but its got great sentimental value (was the first Nikon model I used way back when), its got such an awesome rep, I love using it (even though I now prefer the F3 and F2) but what little I'd get for it these does I might as well just keep it. Plus mine's one of the more uncommon honey-comb titanium shutter models. So I tell myself its rare, don't sell! Ha.