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You could look up KEH.
They don't usually have much in the way of folders, though. As far as I know, certo6 is about the only game in town for repaired/CLAd folders; most folders seem to end up on eBay. Personally, I've actually had fairly good luck buying them there; I got one completely unusable bellows, one GORGEOUS Voigtlaender Rollfilmkamera that turns out to be so gorgeous because its standard is misaligned to the point of nonfunctionality,and the other seven or eight have been functional.

As a rule of thumb, Zeiss and Nettar folders will have good bellows (bellowses? bellowsen?), while Agfas will have a spiderweb of shreds where the bellows used to be. The very cheap Foldex 20 has a *really* robust bellows, but isn't much of a camera---they seem like good candidates for a lens-and-shutter transplant.