Two issues, Sir: Firstly, the camera seems a little too wide (I make this remark as some one who grew up using Nikon F2A/F2AS/F3HP cameras); and, Secondly, holding the camera for vertical shooting just feels "odd." Here, I am not sure if it has to do with the particular design of the drive - the long groove in the motor drive itself or, perhaps a disproportionate amount of the cameras weight on its right?

That said, you may well be ok if you are one of those fortunate enough to have been blessed with "big mitts" (I wasn't!). My usual advice to folks considering the F4 is to have a look at the F5 (great build quality, fast drive if/when you need it, multi-mode/multi-metering capabilities, bright and accurate viewfinder, built-in diopter adjustments and possibly the best ergonomics of any 35mm camera to date). The prices, of course, can be somewhat - but not always - higher. Two of my bodies were picked up on ebay for $250 and $292.50 respectively. If you remain ambivalent about a second body, there is, of course the F2 or F3 option (you already showed good judgement in selecting an F3!).