Just printed lots of photos for the family album (13x18cm) from Delta 3200@1600 souped in HC-110 - looking great. I've also shot it at box speed in the past, no problem. From my experience with this film, don't develop it at 1250, develop it for the times given for 1600, a bit of a push is never wrong for this film. For example if I shoot and develop it as 1600 I find myself needing to print on grade 4 (which is pretty high) for most scenes (depending on how contrasty the light was when I shot it, usually not that much when used in dark indoor situations), push-developing gives more separation in the negative and allows me to print at grades 2,5-3 which looks better, also grain-wise. However if you scan the film or have it scanned and don't print yourself in the darkroom it won't matter much anyway.