Why do you need to upgrade? Which features are you lacking in the N80?
Based on those questions you could find yourself which camera will suit your photography best.
Look at the BODY COMPARISON CHART for ideas.
Also check the compatibility issues of your lenses.
G lenses nee to be controlled from the camera body, so a F100 should be the next upgrade. But if you want a pro camera get an F5

PS. IIRC N90 predates N80

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I need to upgrade from the N80, leaving it in the bag for a backup.... What upgrade to the N80, will accept my two G lenses? I know a N90 will not.. What about a used F100 or (god forbid) a F4 or F5???

Anyone have any recommendations.... I use this for weddings and portraits but I must say, I am really into MF now, so now it will probably be just for weddings...

I'd go with another N80 but I have not been happy with the AF system.... Maybe I need to go with an N90, with a portrait lens... I don't know.