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Hi Stone,
LOL reading your 'last words' sms above.

I used an octabox without the white cover, so it's higher contrast than an umbrella but less than a small open reflector. The umbrella would have been better I agree.
Normally I wouldn't understand what you mean with the light source being to close since light gets harder the further you place it away. But in this case the light of the bowens head was open and I am not sure if the inside of the octabox had enough angle to get the diffused light on the model. It worked nice for the dark ceiling that still has enough detail.

One question remains: does PanF have a slightly higher contrast that the average ASA 100 b&w negative?
Yes I think Pan F+ might have a slightly higher contrast just based on the 50ASA itself, because it's slower to respond to light, the heavier light will burn through before the mid tones are at the right spot.

All that said I rather like the image.

I believe in the 1 light can do a lot rule, but in this case with such a dramatic scene I would have had a separate light for the background, and one for her clothes and one for her body. At least 2 lights, its hard to do EVERYTHING with one light and doubling the duties of a head can have issues such as this. I think you would have been better off with a beauty dish. If you notice with that there is a center disk that blocks the direct light if the bulb itself so you probably should have done the same with your open octagon. Even just adding a diffusion gel just in front of the head would probably help.

I wasn't there so it's hard to tell. Now a days I've been taking one wide shot of my setups so I can reference if something goes wrong.


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