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Okay, I may have spoken too soon. I developed my first roll of color. I got images. However, my negatives look brownish/redish. According to Henry Horenstein (Color Photography: A Working Manual) my "Negatives [are] too magenta, with density highest on edges near sprocket holes". My negatives are simply too magenta, nothing is really happening on the edges. He says that the probable causes are "1) Developer temperature too high; 2) Overagitation developer; 3) Development time too long". I can't really agree that any of this happened to me. I kept the temperature of my chemicals at around 100 F. I didn't overagitate. I kept my developing time according to the instructions on my kit. Hmmmm..?

My kit says that the "color of the mask [is] brownish". The cause is that my "bleach and fixing time [was] too short". I also can't agree with this. Like I said, I followed the instructions to the letter. However, after consulting with the people at Rayko, we decided that perhaps it was a good idea to re-bleach and re-fix my negatives. They suggested that I do this at room temperature. However, room temperature at this time of year in San Francisco is about 50F. At 77F bleaching and fixing must be done for 6 and 7 minutes respectively. So, if I do it at room temp., at 50F, I was going to double the times. I was going to bleach and fix for 12 minutes. Their instructions are not the best either. For agitation, they say, "Agitate once every 30 seconds." So, every 30 seconds you turn it once and that's it? I didn't know what to do, so, every 30 seconds, I would agitate for 5 seconds (turning) and let it be until my next agitation cycle.

Anyway, that's what happened and that's what I'm going to do. If anyone has any experience with the Rollei kit, please, help me out here. Also, if anyone has any suggestions, they're welcome. Thanks.
Did you also heat your blix to the 100 mark or leave that at 50f? That might be your problem? If your temp is that low in the house (you're crazy) then you might have had temperature drop in the developer bath. Heck even Holdong the tank for the proper development time during agitation would cause a severe drop in temp in such a cold environment....

You might want to cook it at 105 next time so as the temp drops it won't be so low at the end?


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