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Is your problem one of focus, or camera motion? The type of unsharpness is quite different. Motion will give double or smeared edges, almost always in one direction. Poor focus will give a general diffuse image, but something, either in the backgroud or foreground will usually be sharp.

A thirtieth is on the slow side; it's certainly doable with practice and good technique but I'd use a tripod at that speed if I wanted to be sure of good negatives. I try to stay in the 1/125 and up range, and that's with any camera handheld.

I don't know, that is why I am asking about shutter speed. I think of the GA645 as a 35mm lens camera, so tend to shoot with slow shutter speeds. However, the lens is in reality a 65mm one so I might be over doing it with my slowness. Here are a few examples. The monochrome image has light leak as the roll did not wind properly for some reason. But you can see that nothing is in focus. I dont have the shutter speeds used for these in front of me right now.