I have lived in the NorthEast (CT, NYC, BOSTON, PHiLA) for all my life. I have been going to camera shows since the early 80s. I have been going to camera stores since 1964. This is what I have experienced in that time. Interesting (and happily enlightening) to find differently. Smarter or not smarter than us? I think that women have an equal mental capacity but, at least culturally and maybe genetically, they do think differently for the most part. This can be both good and bad but, essentially, 'good' in that there is a social need to round things out in life. I do not want a world run exclusively by either men or women.

But, again, have I been blind, willfully biased, unknowingly 'ingoring' women? I think not. That is my answer to 'how do I back this up', cliveh. - David Lyga