My experience as a student at Indiana University in the late 1990s was that most of the photo students were women, but almost none of them had any real artistic depth or professional ambition. It was something fun that their parents or husbands were paying for. Only one of them is still doing photography today. She is a very talented woman who has worked her butt off while dealing with poverty and serious health issues. The rest? most have become 'stay at home moms', or they're working retail jobs.

There were a number of women working in other art media, like painting, sculpture, and ceramics, when I was in school. They seemed to have a much deeper commitment to their art, and more drive, than the female photo students. I've kept in touch with many of my classmates, and I'd say maybe 70% of the female non-photo art students are still creating art, and many of them are doing it as fulltime professionals.

I have no idea why it is that painting, ceramics, and sculpture attracted more creative and ambitious women, while photography did not.