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Oren Grad;

I don't say what I have not tested! And, Kodak never recommended the same procedures that Ilford did, and it is due to the emulsion and not the RC itself. The emulsion is fixed when it is fixed, and washed when it is washed. Use a retained hypo and a retained Silver test. I do! I ran extensive keeping tests with Kodak and Ilford paper during the work on TF-5 and SuperFix VII. Kodak paper was slower in all regards (fixing and washing). But then the Kodak tests are moot now aren't they?

Indeed, we've reached the same conclusion about the materials, based on our respective tests. My point was just that the rationale for concentrated fix was not "meaningless" just because it's RC paper - it's an important part of what makes possible the extremely short processing cycle for Ilford (and also many other brand) RC papers. In turn, that helps make a one-print-at-a-time RC workflow efficient enough to be practical. For some of us that's a very tangible benefit. That's all.