Ratty, the color images seem to be in focus, based on the size posted. In the first post, I can see individual hairs on the children, particularly the girl. If I remember correctly, the model you have is an autofocus camera, correct? So the first question I have about your B&W image is, where would you expect the camera to focus?

The Fuji system uses IR beams, like a point & shoot. The beams need to target something. The scene you have shows a street scene, from near to far, with lots of stuff there. The area that is dead ahead of the camera is dark, with a wall with lots of stuff on it at an angle to the camera. Perhaps the autofocus beams told the camera that it was focusing on infinity?

My Fuji GA645zi has a full manual mode, but it also displays all of the settings it will use when I press the button halfway down. Like shutter speed, f/stop, and focus zone. (And I have my back set to print the information on the film, too.) If your camera displays the focus area it will use, then I suggest that you check that to make sure it's targeting the correct area.