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If both batches of Kodak film look the same in D76 at the recommended times/temps, then there is an interesting question here. Can you try that test? you see, there are some classes of developer that just cannot develop some films correctly.
As for the Fuji film, either there is not enough fast component or the slow component is too fast or both. PE
Yes, I just verified that I have both Metol and HQ here, and I have one roll of TMY2 left, so I can dev it in D76.

A question about toes:
Notice the toe between densities of .1 and .2 in the graphs below:


In both, D316 has a slightly softer toe than XTOL. The difference is small, but I see it often enough to know it's really there.
How can I boost the toe?

Would reducing buffering by reducing ascorbic acid (AA) and metaborate help? Reducing AA would also restore phenidone less in dense areas (or so my theory goes). Maybe adding KBr or BZT?