Sure, don't mind telling you that I paid him $325 + $25 shipping. I had mentioned to him that the self-timer worked intermittently at best, and that the winding mechanism was rough, but that a CLA was likely called for. His invoice says: "Repair complete shutter + replace main spring + self-timer; repair complete transport + adjust the door; check focus."

The meter is working and pretty accurate as far as I can tell, so he didn't touch it. (He has told me in the past that there are no parts for E meters anymore; he has parts for the F meters still.) Also, the glass is clean so he didn't open up the lenses at all -- I'm actually not so sure he works on the lenses.

This may be gratuitous, but he has told me that he doesn't think much of the T model. I've seen that said by others too.

One last thing -- interestingly, my camera had been worked on at some point in the past by Harry Fleenor since it has his sticker inside.