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That's just what I'm getting now with TMY2 batch 0167, although I haven't hit it hard enough to see what the shoulder looks like. It sounds like Fuji's curve has changed some over the past few years with the introduction of a sag before the big rise.

I see little benefit and a substantial cost to having a higher slope in the highlights. If one prints so that shadows and midtones have normal contrast, then the highlights block up more. What good is that?

Mark Overton
I think I will run some new tests with Acros to see if anything has changed. As for the utility of such a curve, as I said earlier it can be an interesting candidate for extreme contractions/compensation - which normally flatten highlights too much to print well even though the negative is easier to print. The idea here is the highlights do not block up. They have good local contrast. They may be "blocked up" from the standpoint of the straight print, but as a printer I don't much care about fitting the negative to the paper. I will use printing controls to bring in high negative densities. What I want is good local contrast in the negative.