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This reminds me more of the surrogate effect, living and experiencing through recorded images rather than viewing ourselves in person. Soon we will stay at home and experience life throughout brain stimuli from a computer

Like video games, but it's just life as we know it. Vicarious virtual reality. There was a science fiction story a while back, and one of the elements was that virtual reality was the norm. You could also do things like rent time on a roving robot, instead getting on a plane and going to the Louvre yourself to see the paintings. One of the characters did that, expecting to see a crowd of people there. He was disappointed to see that the place was full of the same roving robots, and nobody was physically in the building to see the artwork!

Actually, that makes the role of the purposeful photographer even more imporant. If more and more people stay home, then it's really up to the few who go out and photograph to bring back what is poignant within the banal.