Looking to sell some stuff that doesn’t get enough (or in some cases any) use. I have positive feedback on Fourthirdsphoto, FredMiranda, Pentaxforums and GetDPI as Albino_BlacMan and on ebay as ctp046.

All prices include shipping unless otherwise noted. I accept most payment methods. All prices are negotiable and I'm happy to do package deal. If any of my prices are way out of line feel free to fire me a PM.
BH-55 - $390 – Looking to sell my BH-55. It has a few use marks, you can see them on the LR plate (from mounting cameras) on the bottom (from attaching the ballhead to a tripod) and one small area of paint loss on the side (as seen in the last picture). Functions perfectly, all tension knobs are smooth. Comes with a nice RRS ballistic nylon pouch but nothing else.