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I work on industrial machinery in the oil field every work day.

When I repair or adjust the machinery properly and the machines are "fed" the appropriate stuff, it works reliably, very reliably.

In industrial processes, there are no happy accidents.

Photography, the craft, is an industrial process. A given input, using a given process, and given materials, produces a given result. If we pre visualize and execute the tasks involved properly we get a given result.

Surely, in photography, we have all had happy mistakes, but in my experience they are normally the exception, not the rule.

hi mark
i couldn't agree with you more !!
it s just a process, like baking bread ...

me i would rather through as many unknowns in the process as i can
just to see what happens ( most of the time )
i can totally understand why someone else would do something other than that ...
... without chance, serendipity, human interaction, and "trubble" things get kind of boring

your milage may vary from factory specs ..