Well, here's the thing: I don't see the jiggle in your B&W photo that I would associate with a slow shutter speed. The furtherest thing in the photograph looks like it's a lot closer than "infinity," so I'm guessing that the aperture was wide open, like f/4.0. What I can tell is that the things that are the most out-of-focus are closest to you, while the things that are the least out-of-focus are furtherest away from you. Plus you have that light leak on the right hand side, so that can also mess up evaluation of the negative. According to the manual, if the lens is wide open, then what will be "in focus" will be 20m to infinity. That seems to be outside of the range of what's in the photograph.

Another thing is that you are having the lab scan the film for you. Have you looked at your film using a loupe? Very often a hastily performed scan, like a sloppy enlargement, will make it appear that your camera is messing up when it's actually OK.

Do you know any film afficianados in your area? It might be worth your while to seek out someone with some experience, and ask them some questions. Ask them to look at the processed film.

Also, have you done a brick wall test? Really, just about any wall outdoors will do. Place yourself perpendicular to the wall, and make a series of exposures at the autofocus distance. The wall should always be in focus. According to the manual, just don't use a wall which only has vertical stripes, because that messes up the autofocus.