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Because all the women are at home cooking dinner and doing housework.
I really sincerely hope this was said with a heavy sense of irony and sarcasm.

If not, this is one reason why you don't see nearly as many women here as there ought to be - it's very much a guys club atmosphere, which is also the case with the camera swap meets and stores. If it were the 1960s, I'd expect to walk into a lot of camera stores to find swirling cigar smoke slightly obscuring the Playboy centerfold on the counter in the middle of a cluster of guys. I can remember when I was working at the camera store in the 1990s we had a customer come in and start showing some of his handiwork to the salesmen. Perhaps the best way to describe his photography would be to say it was gynecological, but without the scientific interest. The salesmen were nonchalant about it and a few of the older ones were positively interested. With that kind of behavior, it's not a surprise you don't see many women in the average camera store. Go to B&H, though, and there are not only plenty of women customers, but they even have a fair number of women salespeople.