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Well, go ahead and call it what you want over there.

Over here we call it "debating the subject".

Use your grey matter, I'm talking about education.
What kind of photography school would NOT teach these subjects?

Arts and crafts, where everyone sits in a ring and do a sing-a-long?
Hardly a school that would teach you how to work as a photographer.

So, if "just as many men as women" give up, why are there more men working as photographers?
Explain that, without stepping over some political correctness border people try to apply to just about everything these days.

Last place in a race? You are the last winner.
Women and men are different? You are condescending towards women.
Most suicide bombers come from the middle east? You are a racist.

etc etc....no wonder there is war in this world.
There's no class on lighting or just about anything you mentioned in my photo program. If there's a class that touches on it, it's probably View Camera. Most instruction we get is based on the work we do and various approaches and ways to understand photography.

When people mention "political correctness," what they're really saying is that they want to be sexist or otherwise socially inappropriate, but know that they cannot because they'll be called out for it.