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There's no class on lighting or just about anything you mentioned in my photo program. If there's a class that touches on it, it's probably View Camera. Most instruction we get is based on the work we do and various approaches and ways to understand photography.

When people mention "political correctness," what they're really saying is that they want to be sexist or otherwise socially inappropriate, but know that they cannot because they'll be called out for it.
No, I'm putting it out there, because these days, you cannot voice your opinion without offending someone, I'm actually surprised no one has put fourth a lawsuit against me at this point.

Anyway, sounds like art school to me.

Every school I've researched that claim to have a real photography program, have covered light use, studio, ambience etc.
If the school is any good, is should also cover stuff like Business economy, branding, how to run as a business, creating contacts, contracts and legal aspects etc.

Being a working photographer is 20% shooting and 80% trying to survive as a business.