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Sounds like art school to me.

Every school I've researched that claim to have a real photography program, have covered light use, studio, ambience etc.
If the school is any good, is should also cover stuff like Business economy, branding, how to run as a business, creating contacts, contracts and legal aspects etc.

Being a working photographer is 20% shooting and 80% trying to survive as a business.
I have no interest in going into the business side of photography, so I don't feel like that applies to me. I'll be glad to take a non-photo job to make ends meet. It seems to come as a great surprise to many people (read: men) that many art photo people don't really have much interest in doing commercial work. Certainly there are business aspects to making it in the art world as well, but experience is the best teacher there, along with fellow photographers that you get to know and learn from.

I definitely do attend an art school and I wouldn't have it any other way. The work I've seen around me in just the past year has been outstanding.