Ah, statistics and percentages .....

I expect there are some useful conclusions to be gathered about the relationship between gender and participation in the world of photography - whether it is photographic businesses, art photography, participation in forums, or whatever.

But they would be statistical conclusions, not particularly applicable to any single photographer.

Over the years here on APUG some of the most welcome and interesting posts have come from women, including some who aren't necessarily easily "identified" as women unless they have chosen to be so identified.

Some still post, while others aren't here very often. Too bad, as far as I'm concerned.

And when it comes to having a thorough technical knowledge, there is no doubt in my mind that gender is in no way a predictor of that.

I wonder how Helen Bach (Helen B) is doing?

Nor is gender a predictor of the depth and breadth of those mixed technical/artistic skills that we as photographers tend to value.

I type this while looking at a very fine print I have from BWKate - I hope she is doing well?

Nor is gender a predictor of willingness to become involved with more difficult and tactile alternative processes - I wonder when I'll get to see more of sly's wonderful work in large format alternative processes?