Actually, there seems to be a very compelling reason to get the F4 to use with older lenses according to Photography in Malaysia F4 review as it states the following.
Lense compatibility issue - the best kept secret
To many old time photographers (and all those cost conscious smart ass photographers .. hehe) - one of the most attractive feature in the F4 is its linkage to bridge two generations as a MF and AF Nikons - as no other Nikon models offers you with such a GREAT system compatibility. It is the ONLY professional grade Nikon that permits your to enjoy Matrix metering with Ai Nikkor lenses - probably well over hundreds of them in different lens types and versions ! Similarly, it is also the sole AF Nikon that permits the use of any non-cpu Nikkor lense while all three metering patterns (spot, matrix, center-weighted) can still be able to retain full functionality, great stuff, huh ?"