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Well, you are hardly representing all women are you?

I wasn't trying to be condescending, I was pointing out that the interest in logical and technical aspects DID NOT have anything to do with intelligence, how on earth can that be condescending??

I know loads of young women, in all ages, that started/starts out "shooting" but gives up the whole thing when they need to learn how to use a flash and balance it to ambient light, using theoretical principles we all use, like shutter-speed, aperture, ISO and light metering.

They give up, or they shoot "only using natural light", which is chickening out in my book.
I've held courses for 40-50 year old professional female photographers who didn't even know how to use a flash, some bought one for the course, professionals.

Sure, there are lots of female professional photographers who know everything there is to know about photography, great!
I'm saying that a lot of women give it up when it's time to actually focus and learn the gadgets and theory.

Women working in photo-related jobs, like running studios, running a store etc are also not photographers, now are they, they are basically store clerks and managers who deals with totally different areas.

Women are (and please read this) IMO just as capable as men in the technical areas, but they have rarely that interest, their interest (my experience) lies in the creative aspect and they are put off by the logical and theoretical aspects of photography.
I started out my post, as you might recall, with the info that the photo classes I've taken have had more women than men. None of these classes shied away from technical info either. In fact, the one instructor I had who didn't even get most of the technical info right and printed his example for the class on the back of a sheet of paper was a guy. And I don't know any female photographer on here who doesn't have a good grasp of the technical aspects. I also know more women than men working as photographers outside of APUG.

Maybe you're not trying to be condescending, but the sound of your posts very much fits the bill.

I'm deleting the rest of what I was going to post to save Suzanne the trouble. (Go Suzanne, btw)