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nope [sic]...a fact was stated (the future cannot be predicted), that is all. a [sic] fact is not a prediction.

people [sic] fool themselves into believing that they can have control, but they have none. nature [sic] and chance have to cooperate with the "controller". Most of the time, if the "controller" goes with the law of average outcomes, then his outcome will be pleasing--thus reinforcing the belief that there was some "control" being exercised.
When was your opinion ordained as fact? "...fact is not a prediction" is a contradictory statement. How can you have "fact" before an event? It only becomes fact after it occurs. Until then, it is wholly speculation/prediction. Perhaps you need to put your OPINION to the test based on mutual exclusivity.

Of course you can predict the future. I predict that the sun will set tonight. I predict that it will rise tomorrow. I predict that the Aspens in Grand Teton will turn yellow this year.

Most convincingly, I predict that you will argue this post.