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I happen to have a 40s-era darkroom handbook with formulary. Agfa 47/130 [and a lot in between; in later contexts you may see this being referred to as Ansco 47...it was published just before the Second World War started], Kodak D76/DK50/D52/D72, some Gevaert formulas, and others by companies that no longer exist [what's Haloid?] and still others compounded by the author himself! Haven't bothered to compound any of the formulas yet, but I may just wake up one day and place an order for some of these raw chemicals It also has formulas for certain other chemicals [uranium toner, anyone?] The only problem is......a lot of the units are denominated in grains.....don't think there is a modern scale that measures so accurately....

Does that Agfa book have color formulas? CN17 or Whatever develops Negative Ultra K film . Also color reversal film like ORWO color film that's transparency film?

I need both formulas to develop some film, I do have a C-41 instruction that supposedly works at 20° temps but I would prefer to use the original formulas.



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