Well, I knew with a header like that, the misogynists would be coming out of the wood work.

I appreciate APUG a lot for its scope, and the fact that it is not hip deep in sexism, as some other forums are. Thanks to all the outstanding men and women on this forum who have made it such a friendly and exciting place to visit. And a thank you and a hug to Matt King - see you later this year, I hope.

Women and men do live in different worlds, to some extent. World wide women carry the lions share of the work of caring for babies, children, the disabled and the elderly. More women live in poverty than men. More women are victims of domestic violence than men. Brains, ability, creativity, guts, tenacity are not exclusive to either gender, but the chance to use them for more than keeping yourself and your children alive is not always evenly distributed.

Chris - you comment on women not being serious enough for the tough work of photography. I don't know how long ago you studied, but I wonder if you have actually asked any of your previous female classmates why they are not working as professional photographers.

I studied photography decades ago. I dropped out because of the relentless sexual harassment of one teacher - the BIG NAME at the school. When I tried to report his actions I was told I should be flattered (!!) Obviously I wasn't tough enough for the manly profession of photography. I worked in a camera store (the owner was a woman) for awhile, then I had my first child, my second...... And my life became centred on parenting. My experiences as a mother led to new interests and passions, a return to study and a career. Photography was in eclipse for many years, because there just wasn't time for it. I returned to it as my kids got into their teen years. It has been a important stress breaker and creative outlet for me. Am I a professional? No. Am I serious about photography? Can't imagine life without it.

Again a big thanks to the majority here on APUG, for welcoming everyone, and being such a terrific source of information, support, humour and wisdom.