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The only staining developer I have used it Prescysol. It is advised to use an alkaline fix with this but I have seen no difference in my own negative with acid or alkaline.

I'm sure if there was a reduction of stain with an acid fix, it would be dependent upon the time spent in the fix.

That's the experience of many others, the stain isn't affected by the use of normal fixers ith pH's in the region of 5.2/5.4. Prescsol is a clone of Pyrocat HD so behave the same way.

I've run tests with prints processed in a Pyro developer and the stain is very stable and unaffected by fixer.

Just to quash another myth -stains from using Pyro developoers don't suddenly appear after a number of years. Stains particularly with FB prints do show up after time and that might be years from inadequate fixing/washing but that can happen with any developer.