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female staff at camera stores makes perfect sense--the customers are mostly dudes and pretty chicks can sell dudes a lot better than other dork dudes that will bicker about what is superior like the comic book guy....

hot chicks sell the high end cars (also a product that targets men) and houses too, boy! You should see how perfect these supersaleswomen look!!! in the bugatti dealership and the high end downtown real estate--always PERFECT and dressed to the nines...nicer than moviestars and smell intoxicating....they can $ell a dude for sure.
Well now that's about as sensible as a tutu on an elephant. What porn flick have you been watching where all the high-end saleswomen are pretty and young? I'll give you the impeccably dressed bit, but most of the salespeople I know who handle exotic cars or high-end real estate are older, be they men or women, and they exude professionalism, not sex.

There used to be one woman at my local camera store who was my favorite salesperson there. She has since left, but in talking to her, she explained that she encountered frequent sexism from male customers who would ask for and wait for a male salesman because they felt she couldn't know enough to wait on them. She was actually one of the most technically accomplished photographers in the store. She helped me once, and was so good with her answer and her advice that I kept coming back, and we became friends. And she certainly wasn't going to be using her sexual wiles to seduce customers into buying gear by flirting with them- she's a flannel-and-hiking-boots wearing, hasnt-used-lipstick-since-junior-prom, mullet-sporting lesbian. She had no interest in flirting with the customers, male or female, as she was also happily partnered. And as I already mentioned, a damn fine photographer.