Polyglot, I personally think that the cost/benefit comparison to roll film is a false economy for at least some of us.

One of the biggest problems I have is not finishing a roll when I shoot.

I'm to a point where when I see a shot that I want, 2-4 frames are normally more than plenty for a given subject. I roll 20-shot rolls for 35mm to minimize this, but I am finding that getting even 10 shots in a row, with the old RB, is becoming a real streatch most of the time.

With roll film I end up with from 8 to 34 more shots to go before I can move on, unless I'm willing to waste the rest of the roll, which is becoming a more regular occurrence.

With sheet film that systemic conundrum doesn't exist. Shoot one frame of 4x5 and I can go straight to developing, no waiting, no wasting.

The other thing I find is that roughly double the data (in moving from 6x7cm to 4x5") does make a significant difference visually in a print.