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Anyone want to discuss my questions?
What? You think people should stick to the topic on an APUG forum? What a radical concept!

Yeah, it annoys me to no end.

Here is what I do:

1. Scan them at a dpi appropriate for not only the film size, but the intended use and perceived importance and quality. Family snaps on the low side, especially if color shifted.

2. Back up both on site and off site with a service like Carbonite or Backblaze.

3. Once done with 2, toss 'em. OK, I don't toss my Dad's 4x5 Kodachromes, but who needs a projector for that? And I am SO cute at 5 months of age! Ha ha....

4. Share. Once they are digitized, so easy. "Hey, daughters, look at your old hippy dad!" Can't do that with slides.

5. Sigh when I look at my projector and screen. "What's that thing, grandpa?"

I have a box of photos and slides that survived a fire in 1988. Some came through amazingly well, although lots of carbon on the surfaces, others came through not at all, melted the film. The lesson learned is that although it is easier to lose your data than physical stuff, it can still happen to the latter. With digitizing and back ups, everything is safe as long as you pay your fee to the service. Storage used to be completely passive, now, not so much. Things change.