My general experience and sensation is very much aligned with what Helinophoto says. That is naturally based on personal experience and general, broad sensations. It's all too natural none of us have any scientific studies regarding the difference between men and woman in approaching things.

I'm very sorry to see that a very normal and legitimate opinion is taken as a pretext for the old same accusation of sexism. We'll end up we will not be able to say we don't like Chinese restaurants to avoid being politically incorrect toward the Chinese

I think, and again it is my sensation and my generalization, that really men have a more algorithmic, logic and punctual attitude toward things in normal day life matters (that exclude professional matters, of course).

What David says is, I think, perfectly adherent to my experience because it involves a hobby, not-professional attitude toward photography. Male non-professional photographers tend to obsess with gear much more than females, and in general much more than necessary.

When one starts talking about professional activity, behaviour between men and woman tends toward uniformity*. And that implies that professional woman will care more than non-professional woman about the technical aspect, the gear etc. and professional men will tend to obsess less about gear than non-professional men. In business you have to know the gear and you don't have to obsess about it either. Business is where male mentality and woman mentality meet half way.

That said, I don't have any scientific evidence for this, I don't consider what I wrote above "sexist", and I don't care if anybody considers it "sexist", either.

* That applies to school courses as well, if and when there is a professional interest. If a photography course is chosen just because it's an easy way to get "points" and avoid more difficult subjects, then we have a different situation.