First, I agree with everything Sly and Suzanne have said. And I have a nearly 3-year-old who does his best to keep me from getting any photography done.

As far as this:
How many of those students stayed involved in photography after graduating or leaving school? As I mentioned, exactly ONE of the women in my college photo classes stuck with it after graduating. ONE. Out of 14 or 15. Out of the 10 men in the program, 6 are still doing photography. Four of us are fulltime pros. So is the one woman.
My classes were not part of any degree program. Everyone in the class was there to learn more about using the darkroom and to get better as a photographer/printer.

I also offer one huge reason why many believe women have little interest in learning the technical aspects - from an early age in school, girls are usually pushed towards the house stuff and boys are pushed towards the scientific and outside stuff. Studies have shown that this leads towards both sexes believing that girls don't understand the technical parts as well (just read an article yesterday, in fact). In school, boys are usually the ones who speak up, not the girls. Girls are taught to be quiet and listen. Boys are taught that being raucous is fine. Women who are used to being around groups of men can usually dish it out as well as take it, and will stand up for themselves (as we're seeing here). Just because you think women are shying away from the technical stuff by not posting relentlessly about it, doesn't mean we don't like the technical part. More women do need to be pushed towards science in school - any of you with girls had better be thinking about this, too. It takes overcoming a social bias, though. And apparently a world-wide one.

I'll agree that part of why you don't see many women in photography forums online is because of many of these attitudes from guys. But I do see 40-50% of local photo clubs being women. In person, the attitude doesn't come through as much. On the web, the anonymity lets the misogynistic attitudes come out. Also, I've read several posts here from guys who seem to be letting their wife do the cooking, cleaning and kid wrangling so they can do the photography. I know I'm doing all of that (plus 3 dogs and sometimes a deployed husband).