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This thread is telling and potent and revealing. I have confirmed a lot here. Regard this:

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"And yet all but 2 or 3 comments on this thread are from men.David's original question hasn't been fully answered."

First, my TITLE was geared to guarantee much 'looking' at what I had written. I did not want my post to be buried and insignificant. This thread is more important than the mere demographic aspect and this thread has so far proved that that assessment is all too correct. WHY?

There has been, with some, a mild inference that I just could be 'sexist' and even misogynist for having dared pose the question. The defense mechanisms are alive and well with us.

SuzanneR, the moderator, is correct when she says that there is a decided difference between photography shows and camera shows. Point well made, my dear, and I learned something from that, along with many other affirmations as to the predominance of the female sex at classes that teach photography. But, SuzanneR, I also sensed a bit of distress that I have not already SEEN (or perceived) that dichotomy and I did feel that, in your view, I fell handily into the category of being a "typical, insensitive male".

Is SuzanneR biased? Not particularly. She is evincing what most (male and female) are thinking about in today's politically correct environment by seeking, always, to uncloak a vestige of prejudice that must be 'outed' and dissected for benefit of public scrutiny. She is rather innocent but reflects a society whereby we have become afraid to offer our true thoughts for fear of ignominy.

Some have a hard time admitting the FACT that men are more prone to like gadgets more than women do. Yet, some see this affirmation as proof that women are being 'put down'. My opinion was, and remains, that since the age of chivalry has been assassinated by women's liberation we should welcome women as equals and support their rights on a level playing field; but a playing field that ALSO removes the previous advantages that 'made up' for their inequality in the past. Some can see that advice as proper. Some see it as sexist. But one thing is for certain: this thread is causing inner feelings to foment and emerge into a formidable topic that seems to have less and less to do with my original, rather innocent query. - David Lyga
Just in case you were uncertain about it, you are definitely sexist.

Your post all but screams, "Can't we go back to those nice days when women knew their place?"