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Is SuzanneR biased? Not particularly. She is evincing what most (male and female) are thinking about in today's politically correct environment by seeking, always, to uncloak a vestige of prejudice that must be 'outed' and dissected for benefit of public scrutiny. She is rather innocent but reflects a society whereby we have become afraid to offer our true thoughts.

- David Lyga
I don't mean to suggest one can't offer their true thoughts, but being met with a challenge or disagreement is fair game in a forum such as this. I didn't find your initial post to be demeaning to women, but a few subsequent posts revealed attitudes toward women among some of the participants that are dismissive and demeaning, and I felt the need to challenge and disagree. As a moderator I almost just closed the thread last night because I was tired and annoyed, but I decided against it because it wouldn't have been very fair of me, even if I felt too many were presenting their opinions as facts.